We are open as of July 1, 2020 Hee Haw!!


We are happy you stopped by to check us out and we are looking forward to your stay at our B&B.



We (Jim & Julie Nicholson) at Moe & Willie’s B&B, want to introduce ourselves to those who are just now learning about Moe & Willie’s B&B and Gift Shop and have not been following our journey in restoring a 70+ year old red barn on our property for the last 5+ years. We have a Facebook page that we have been sharing our journey of making our dream come true. Please visit our page FB page https://www.facebook.com/Moe-and-Willies-B-B-and-Gift-Shop-743823042459823

Moe & Willie’s B&B and gift shop is located in the piney woods of south Arkansas on 7 acres.. It is located in one of the oldest communities (Calhoun) in Arkansas, older than Magnolia and El Dorado. Calhoun is 6 miles from Magnolia. Our B&B is a perfect place for social distancing and each room has a very private entrance and patio area with table, chairs and benches to enjoy the outdoors.

So, we have this old barn built in the 1940’s on our property. Five + year’s ago, Moe and Willie lived in our BIG old RED BARN.. They had it all to themselves. Moe and Willie are our pet donkeys. We decided the BIG OLE’ RED Barn is too BIG for Moe and Willie and we decided to restore the barn and turn most of the barn into a B&B with a Gift shop..

Yes, our guest will be sleeping with Moe and Willie in the BIG OLE’ RED barn. Though Moe and Willie will have their own separate quarters, but our guest will be able to watch them from a picture window inside their own private rooms.

Our guest will also be able to feed Moe & Willie chips, during their stay.

Moe & Willie LOVE Mexican Chips.. With our help, all our guest will be able to groom, pet and learn more about donkeys. It is an option.

We have two guest rooms with private baths and have named each room, so they have their own personality and comfort of feeling like you are at home.

The first room we have given the name, “The St. Mandi Bear Room” named after our St. Bernard that is no longer with us. She was a gentle giant and one of our most loved pets. Her memory is painted on the wall in the St. Mandi Bear Room. The Mandi Bear Room has a king size bed and a separate room with 2 twin beds. The bathroom has a very nice walk-in shower.

The second room we have given the name, “The Betty Boop Room” because when you look out your picture window at Moe and Willie, you will see a painting on an old barn door (door no longer in use) of Betty Boop. This was painted a few moons ago, because the old barn door was built out of old lap boards, and has a natural hole in the door that looks like Betty Boop’s lips.. LOL It was painted by me (Julie) when we first moved here 15 years ago, just because. LOL Betty looks like she belongs there.

We are folks who love to travel and we always try to find B&B’s to stay in when we do travel. Our B&B experience through the years, we hope has given us the knowledge and experience to offer not only a place for folks to stay, but a place that feels at home, is clean and also has a charm about it, like no other place. We hope all our first time guest will continue to return year after year.

Moe and Willie’s B&B and Gift Shop is not for those who are NOT country at heart or do not like the laid back life. In many ways we would compare staying in our old red barn, much like a farm experience, but with the luxuries of home. We are located 7 miles from Magnolia, Arkansas a quaint southern town that has a historical square with many shops, restaurants and antique stores. Magnolia also has several other places to discover away from its Historical Square. We at Moe and Willie’s B&B will love to point our guest to local interest and things to do in our South Central Region of Arkansas.

Many local and regional festivals in our area from Magnolia, Camden, El Dorado, AR and being so close to the Louisiana and Texas borders, there is always something to do. We know some of the best kept secrets of things to do. But, you might be one who would love to get away from it all and do nothing, and take the time to relax at our little hobby farm around the pool or relax in the Chicken Coop and playing games with your loved ones.

We have some of the best fishing and hunting in our region too and hope we get a few Hunters, Fishermen and women will come check us out.

We also offer corporate rates to those who are here on business in our area and would love to stay at a place you will feel like you are on vacation, while working. We also offer discounts for travelers needing a long term stay. Call us at 870-904-1114 for the details.

Again thanks for stopping by and we hope you will book a reservation and come meet Moe and Willie!

Stay tune for our Gift Shop opening, still under construction.

We are a kid friendly B&B and have rules and age limits for children. Moe & Willie’s B&B is not a place for babies and toddlers and we require all children be at least 6 years old, know how to swim or be with an adult who knows how to swim and be responsible for the child in the pool. Our pool is not a diving pool, and all guest swim at their own risk. If you have children and plan to book at Moe & Willie’s, please call us before booking, to make sure this is a place that your family will enjoy. Our goal at Moe & Willie’s B&B is always to provide a safe place for all.

Thank-you Scott and Martina for a very special review of Moe & Willie’s B&B and Gift Shop.
It is our first video review! ❤️

This very sweet couple were from St Louis, MO.. and found us on google search.

They had a business meeting in Shreveport and decided to stay here on their way.

We were very blessed and grateful they decided to stop in Magnolia..

Hee Haw! 🐴🐴👨🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾 We are enjoying meeting so many wonderful folks and being INN KEEPERS!!

We are learning our Guest arrive as Guest and leave as friends! ❤️