Chicken Coop


In 2008 we constructed an outside building out of recycled old oak and tin from commercial chicken coops that were built in 1957. The owners of the commercial coop in 1957 had cut their own oak trees down on their property and milled the timber into rough cut boards to build the coops.

The owner of the old coops in 2008 started tearing down the 3 coops, that were all the size of 1/2 a football field. The chicken coops had been abandoned since the 70’s and were once a chicken business that produced eggs.

The Chicken Coop to Renew the Soul is the place our guest at Moe and Willie’s B&B will have breakfast and can special order Jim’s Famous Columbia County Hamburger.

We also hope the Chicken Coop to Renew the Soul will be a place families come, turn off their phones, converse, relax, play games and escape from the noise world.

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