The Fall of 2014 our old red barn was in much need of repair and we decided to restore the 75+ year old barn into a B&B.

It was truly a labor of love for our love of old barns and the history of a time when barns were a much needed building on family farms. Our barn was built for the raising of cattle for their meat.

The old red barn for many, many years was filled-up, every year with the hay that was harvested during the months of summer until fall. When we bought our place in 2005 we really did not know what we would do with the barn, other than use it for storage and turning the upstairs into a wood working shop.

A friend in time asked us if we wanted a donkey and we inherited Moe who needed a friend and we bought Willie, a Mediterranean Sicilian miniature donkey. Moe and Willie became fast friends and loved their new home in the Big Ole’ Red Barn.

2014 with the barn in much need of repair, we decided to turn it into a B&B and it took 5+ years doing it ourselves. We started with putting it on a new foundational footing by jacking the barn up with car jacks, a section at a time. It took a year to complete the foundation footing. We must add the restoring of the barn was a week-end project, working on it when we were not at our real jobs.

When you stay here we can share with you the whole story and how we restored the old barn into a B&B.

Hope to see you here soon! HEE HAW!

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