A Mother’s Story From Her Heart

A mother’s prayer of finding a puzzle piece. A puzzle piece that many professionals missed. We at Moe and Willie’s B&B and Gift Shop are putting ourselves out there with our true story, in hopes it can be helpful to others. We have become Advocates for Autism in our small world and hope our story can help others, especially those who have been misdiagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. We learned in 2018 our adult daughter was on the Autism Spectrum and you will be shocked how this all unfolded.

I am Julie, founder and owner of Moe and Willie’s B&B and Gift Shop, along with my husband Jim. I just published a book about how my prayers (A Mother’s Prayers) for my daughter Jeanine were finally answered.

The book is not only educational about a late diagnosis with autism, but is full of faith, hope, spirituality and seeing God’s hands at work. The story will make you sad, mad, happy, and possibly cry. This book has already touched many lives who knew nothing about the Autism Spectrum. It has also touched many, who have friends or family members on the autism spectrum. We hope this book will reach those who need to read it. Those that should read this book include teachers, coaches, church workers, pastors, priest, fathers, mothers, grandparents, family members of those who suspect or know a child or an adult on the autism spectrum. We hope it will reach many who have been misdiagnosed as having ADHD or ADD, but are actually on the autism spectrum. We have much to learn. Julie G. Nicholson

You can purchase this book through Jeanine’s PayPal account below. This is her story and all sales go toward the publishing cost, shipping cost and hopefully in time will be a little income for Jeanine.


A Mother’s Story From Her Heart

A touching story of late diagnosis of Autism. (Price includes shipping to United States, except Alaska & Hawaii)


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